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PREPARE to SURVIVE                        
 Hope (HOPE???...Haha) for the best "Be Ready" for the worst!           
How are you at surviving?         
Welcome to :
Help us and we'll help you!        
Zombie Apocalypse
the movie
An artist inspired feature
film project that follows
a group of
through the apocalypse,
hunting the undead and
blowing their heads off
while avoiding infection
and finding, rescuing, helping
others to survive!
(Generic I know but I don't want to give anything away yet)
This will be a down and dirty
survival of the fittest battle for
life between men, women and the
waves of undead corpses. 

The short of it
A group of special effects artists and shops that
make the creatures, characters, prosthetic makeups,
and monsters for Hollywood
(talent + support) have come
together to lend support in various ways to the making
of a kick ass Zombie movie and invite the help, support, and
participation from you the audience the fans of the undead
either by gifting a dollar or two, or more importantly volunteering to be
a zombie to help expand the scope of the movie.      Simple right?….... 
If you said "cool I'm in, I want to help" and are sold on the idea shoot on     
over to the Gift & Contribute page to see how, still curious read on.        

The long of it
This is the beginning of an independent film project inspired by the mutual support of various talented members of the practical monster, prosthetic and make up FX community and the shops they work for (Talent + support) to collaborate on a smaller more personal less corporate project where they have more creative freedom and an opportunity to showcase their talents.

The pitch, The big picture, The plan
Productions usually receive a large amount of money from a few producers. Millions of dollars from one person. We are hoping to receive a small amount of money from a large group of fans. One dollar from a million people.  Friend raising, Fan raising instead of fund raising. Basically crowd sourcing.  We are not asking for a million but every dollar helps.

The challenge, The grand experiment
is to see if the army of Z fans are not only curious and excited about the possibility of an artist generated picture but interested to contribute, be a part of, help make the ZA movie bigger!  The Idea is to make a movie that is entertaining to zombie fans the fanatics and ultimate connoisseurs of the post apocalyptic zombie wasteland living dead genre by the very fans and fanatics that work in and create for the Hollywood FX community. So here is where we offer the opportunity and invite you to participate in the coming Apocalypse. Make a contribution to Z cause in some way, to help expand the movies scope to realize our vision of a bigger better film with more gore, more guns, more locations, more action, more FX, more time, and more Zombies. 

If you are interested or we've peaked your curiosity check out the rest of the site, if you are still entertained by the time you get to the GIFT page, give a dollar. 
I know Z fans are intelligent and passionate with their opinions so please share what you think of the idea and the site with us directly info@zathemovie.com , on facebook, twitter, or on the ZA forum. Have fun and thanks for checking us out.

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