Thank you for coming this far.   Asking fans to help like this is not a new or original idea, there are web sites like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and Chipin which we will be using as well when we have a little more something to show and to get people excited.  Right now we are providing this website if you want to contact us or offer support.  

If you are reading this then chances are something
caught your attention and peaked your interest or
you are just curious
and you found your way here.
(even if it was 7 degrees of Keven Bacon that got
you to this point!  Hey is there a cyber equivalent
of that phenomenon yet??? )  You know our theory
and experiment is that if every visitor to the site
GIFTS just one dollar and imagines how much that
tiny gesture of support helps with this project we
will be able to get an amazing boost to the budget
to make the movie bigger, better and more Kick Ass!!!! 

Possible helping ensure a prequel and sequels.
(We like to imagine the possibilities.)

Regular people don’t realize just how many Zombie
connoisseurs, enthusiasts, fans, fanatics, there are
out there, just how big the community really is. There is truly an army of zombie fans. 

We want to entertain, ( we work in the entertainment industry)
We want the fans to be involved (because I am one and I like to share)
We believe the fans can make a difference in this exercise of finding nontraditional budget support for a genre people are passionate about.
We are giving the fans a way to GIFT instead of pitching to a studio because we believe in new forms of production and we want to realize our (fans!) vision not an executives who is more concerned about the bottom line than about "cool" and more interested in making a homogeneous product that will appeal to wide general audience while alienating the people that are most passionate about it.  i.e. Most (not all) of the comic books converted to movies.

Disclaimer Read First  (Legal resource support. Lawyer friend made me do it)
Please understand we have made available a way for you to GIFT the production money knowing full well that it is a gift and is NOT considered an investment,  will NOT BE PAID BACK nor will you receive anything for it and the production and anyone associated with it is not obligated in any way to give anything in return.  Hopefully for right now with this first movie just knowing you are helping make a kick ass Zombie movie possible will be reward enough. The second movie??????

Send a Friend This Page

I'm hoping that if you are still reading at this point you GIFT a dollar or more (sorry have to ask") to the cause and then follow it up by telling a friend or ten (sorry again have to ask) to check us out and give them the opportunity to imagine the movie we can make with their dollar.

What sparked this project was not only my want of a cool zombie movie but the resounding support and encouragement I got from my friends in the industry when I said I wanted to make a movie.  They all want to do the same thing but just needed someone to put a project together, to do all the boring time consuming leg work, company, details, website.  They want to make cool characters, creatures, monsters, good entertainment artists to the core needed a businessman.  The motivation for this site came one day with a fleeting thought to stand on the corner of Hollywood and Highland In front of Grauman's Chinese Theatre with the bucket drummers, the guys dressed up like super heros waiting for pictures, the other street performers and the tourists, with a Sharpie drawn cardboard sign that said "Producer needs money to make Zombie movie.   Please Help".....Haha  After I chuckled I thought what if I tried this, budget from a non traditional source idea, if I tried this experiment would there be generous people willing to contribute just a dollar in passing?  What if a LOT of people would do it, It just might work. So I secured a budget to produce a movie and am now hoping to make it bigger and better with your gifts.  This is a fun experiment to see if we can make an epic movie from a shoe string budget.  I want to thank you for reading this, your interest in the project, hopefully your continued interest and for just liking Zombies.  Have a great day.