Right now at this point in production we are getting the word out drumming up support for the project.  Just putting it out there to see if anyone has an interest to pitch in. 

The production company has been formed, an Indie budget green lit, the script is getting finishing touches, and other pre-production arrangements have been set in motion along with this website.

We are trying a different approach; we are starting this project with a "low budget" (enough to make a smaller indie movie) and creating a way for you, the fans, to contribute.  Either a GIFT (see pay page) of a dollar to increase / augment our working budget or as a volunteer zombie when it comes time to film. 

You can help bring this project from “it’s enough to make a Sci Fi channel'esk size movie (???)"  ("Ya I know SY FY but you know what I'm talking about")  to  “enough to include all those kick ass action scenes, great practical special effects and blood gags, cool locations, avoid bad CG (what little we do use), have huge crowds of z's and make a true theatrical release picture that is awesome.” In essence you are acting like producers and helping determine how big the apocalypse can be with this floating or flexible budget idea. 

Support during

(help us know what we’re working with and to get the FX started, they take time to be good).
production (so we can add value, size, and time on the fly and incorporate scenes that may have been to expensive with the lower budget).
post-production (to clean up shots, fix it in post, and incorporate good CG not bad).
advertising and film festivals to get the word out (you help us reach those that don't know yet or those that aren't on the web or tech savvy).
distribution (In the off chance we can distribute it ourselves and put more of the profit into future good movies).

So now if you haven’t jumped straight to the GIFT page and still thinking about it I have to work harder to bring you on board, sweeten the deal the question then is;  Have you ever wanted to tell someone you are a big Hollywood movie producer? Or find you name in the credits up on the big screen??? 
Well now, Here is your chance!  Take part in contributing to this project and you could get*
(lawyers won’t let me say, “will get”) could get a "Thank you" or "Producer" credit in the film (see GIFT  page drop down menu) and maybe an IMDB listing (Entirely up to the discretion of Imdb)  It may not seem like much, we are an indie project = low budget = invest money in film instead of swag for now, but from experience it is really cool when you see your name up on the screen and you can point it out to your buddies.

"If you are reading through the whole website: (Cool thanks for making all this writing not in vain) the next part is me joking around trying to convince you to part with a dollar for the good of all zombie kind and our production."

SOooo, still on the fence, hard to convince, how about? If I throw more cheap words at you, like If you don't think there are enough zombie movies in the world today and you want one more, help out,
GIFT and take this opportunity to bring one more nightmare to reality.  If you like B movies, GIFT. If you want to help the independent  / the underdog, GIFT.  If you like zombies in any way shape or form, GIFT.  If you are curious as to our vision of the Zombie Apocalypse, GIFT.  If you have an extra dollar ($1) burning a hole in your electronic pocket and don’t have a song to download or movie to rent, or app to buy, GIFT.  If you’ve had lunch and received change, well, give it to Ronald McD house charity, orrrrr GIFT.  If you think its your lucky day and the odds are with you then spend that dollar on the lottery, hell good luck, if you win, GIFT, but if you think spending it on the lottery this week is a waste I can think of a better place to put it to good use, GIFT.  If it is no longer the All Mighty Dollar in your eyes but “just a dollar?” a plane old ordinary dollar, GIFT.  If you happen to feel particularly giving today and just looking for something to shower your generousity with, GIFT.  If you GIFTED the difference between a cup of coffee at Starbucks and someplace else?...  Well that would be like five bucks….  on second thought keep it and buy lunch….  

(Parental warning Language)
are   the kind or person who can Justify any course of action with the phrase             “Fuck it”            then    
FUCK IT!!!!,   GIFT its only a freaking dollar....

If you can think of a way to encourage yourself or someone like you, or for that matter not like you if that's the case, to GIFT to the production then post a comment and add to the list, and Thanks for helping with my job…..  Coincidentally I need to white wash said fence you might still be on, if you don’t mind helping me find people to lend a hand with that Tom……

Have fun.