Companies and professionals who have expressed or shown support for our efforts from the Hollywood community.  Individual Artists,  FX friends and coworkers will be added if they wish to as the site is updated.  For more information you can check the shops, artists, and projects out on


"The Character ShopRick Lazzarini

"Lon Muckey is a clever, solid guy who puts his mind to things and makes them happen.  Happy to support you, Lon!"
Thanks Rick!

"ADI"  Amalgamated Dynamics Inc.  Tom Woodruff jr and Alec Gillis
"ADI supports Lon Muckey and the creative process of film making."
Thank you guys.

"Autonomous FX"
  Elvis Jones
"Yes we'll help, we already have appliance molds you are welcome to use"
Thank you!

"MCC"  Marc's Creature Company.  Marc Irvin

Lon Muckey Special Effects mechanic, Recently new Producer and now amateur web designer.
Have worked on various projects at The Character Shop, Amalgamated Dynamics Inc, Cinovation, Creature Effects, Perform FX, Stan Winston Studios, KNB EFX, Techno Props, Marc’s Creature Company, The Burman Studio, and Legacy FX
"You die hard Zombie fans are going to love this!"

Michael Broom Conceptual Artist, Character Illustrator, Production Designer.

If you want to offer support please contact us with Support in the subject line at
If you want to be on a list to maybe be a zombie contact us with Zombie in the subject line at

Imagine this opportunity this collaboration on an "Indie" movie.  Its would be amazing to allow the artists more freedom.  GIFT

We will make a movie with the "low shoestring budget" we have, and right now we want to see if we can achieve this ourselves with fan support. 
We are looking for one dollar from a million friends and fans instead of a million dollars from one producer.  We can always approach mainstream Hollywood studios and follow the traditional route if we find the need to.  Doing so world secure a bigger budget but would also give producers a chance to wash down our story smooth out the rough edges (remove offensive parts to get a rating) so that it appeals to the widest audience possible and everyone feels it was entertaining for the whole family and says it was "OK" to anyone who asks but was otherwise unmoved.  I want to have the freedom to throw a budget at the artists so they can unleash their creativity and their imaginations “setting them free to create” and say “I know your visions have been restricted in the past by the creative input of other people but here is your chance to cut loose go hog wild and have fun creating the horrors that come to mind.”  I want to make a kick ass awesome indie movie from zombie fanatics for zombie fans who will say with passion and conviction "I LOVE this movie."  This isn’t a movie you discuss next to the water cooler this will be a movie you argue over a beer with the bros and babes and make comparisons to other zombie greats. 

Help us free our talented artist’s skills and imaginations with a GIFT to the production.  You Yes you for less than, ok ok, for just a dollar (less than a cup of coffee) you can help support a talented zombie creator to realize his / her dream and see it come to “life” (undeath) on the screen. Please visit the GIFT & CONTRIBUTE page.